Car cleaner 5 Liter

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  • It can be used always and anywhere!
  • Waterless wash without scratching!
  • Good for 40-50 washes of midsize cars!
Award winning WOW™ Motor, Waterless Car Cleaner, has a unique easy to spray on and wipe off formula, that leaves an amazing shine. it also leaves a coating that repels rain and helps to protect your paintwork from the elements, like damaging tree sap and bird droppings. WOW™ Motor will clean, shine and protect, the paintwork, glass, plastic, chrome, leather, dashboards, and alloy wheels. With a 500ml spray bottle and two re-usable high quality WOW™ micro fibre cloths, you can now clean your vehicle anywhere and up to seven times in minutes. Non toxic, Biodegradable and Eco-friendly. Replacement bottles and cloths available.

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Volume: 5 Liter WOWshine
Klaas 13-09-2015 15:41

Na de aankoop van het basis pakket kan ik niet meer zonder WOWshine. Nu een voordelige navul verpakking gekocht. Snelle service en een top schoonmaakmiddel!

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