About WOW™ (With Out Water)

WOW™ (With Out Water) waterless cleaning products, use unique biodegradable, eco friendly and non toxic solutions, to clean, shine and protect your car, motorbike, caravan, motorhome, boat, yacht, house, classic car, sports car or racing machine waterless. It will leave a protective coating that repels, dirt, rain and helps protect the surface. You will never again have to use a hose, sponge, bucket, leather or lots of different products, clean them anywhere at any time. No fuss-no mess.


WOW™ is made in Britain where we have modern development and production facilities, enabling us to meet the ever growing demand for top quality, easy to use cleaning products, that give the best results with the least effort. We are confident that once you try WOW™ you will never want to clean using water again!